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An ear is a beautiful piece of art. It gives you the chance to listen to the music of his heart.
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Apr 3, 2014

Sadness inside.

I am na outsider,
though I carry sadness inside.
I’ve swallowed, so many tears,
helplesness stayed with me.
As fast as you came,
you are about to leave.
Tears are ready to fall,
tongue hungry for pain.
Wind is harsh, but not as much as,
when I was trying to forget.
One thing I know, that it is,
impossible, to erase a human,
from memory, to erase love,
from heart, to never be broken,
So I am writing, my feelings,

Cause I am an outsider,
swallowing pain,
refusing lies thus,
not loving again.

In the night, everything is clearer.
Including my sadness.
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black and white…my favourite :3

Are you hungry? Bake a cake!
Feb 23, 2014

Are you hungry? Bake a cake!

self portrait from month ago…
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self portrait from month ago…

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I’m a “self portrait” photographer who hates his appearance, I think that’s pretty fucking funny.

And though I still can’t stop taking these…paradox, lovely paradox

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Hey there, it’s me!
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Hey there, it’s me!

And if you miss a person…you tell them or you let them be?

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Every night, I cry a lot
Every day, I wish you’ll spot
Every day, you just pass by
Every day, I want you to stand by
Then every night, I think a lot
Every time, I find out, that you won’t spot, won’t stand by
Every day, I want to shout
Every day, I close my mouth
And every night, I dream about, what would be if I was loud
And for six months now, I still don’t know, if except knot, I shouldn’t make a dot.

You don’t know how happy you are until you make someone else happy.

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